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Anonymous are you uncomfortable with your sexuality? I know you stated before that your family does not know. I didn't know if it made you feel uncomfortable or ashamed. You seem very turned off by the gay community and I just didn't know if it was a personal apprehension or just the gays in general that erk you.


I am not ashamed of my sexuality, no.
However, I don’t have any need of overly expressing my sexuality with the world. I am who I am and I do not find it necessary to affiliate my self and my style of living with the elaborate and loud lifestyle the “gay community” seems to love portraying for themselves.
Just because I am a homosexual, doesn’t mean that I have to be into what everyone else is; it’s like saying every straight man needs to love sports, cars and play football, and that every straight girl needs to love barbies.
I define myself by my individuality; I don’t have to follow a certain crowd to feel any sense of approval from any “community” nor society in general.




this guy could be the last airbender tbh

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I have at least five kinds of boner right now.

A master of ass-bending!

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In this post: luis gerardo mendez  at the gym like  gym  gay  

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me in gym class


me in gym class

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Again. Because I can.



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